Lost Steps at the Summit

Had to leave my pedometer in camp while we went rafting, so missed logging over 3 miles to  the bus depot and back on Thursday.

Then yesterday, I plumb forgot it and missed hike to another bus depot for our Day of Service. Which turned out to be pretty cool. We visited Pipestem State Park where we took a. Spreads ant NAture hike along the Bluestone River. our village idiot scout decided it would be fun to sway the tram car . The pore reactor disagreed, stopped the tram, and left me swaying high above the gorge with three scouts until the swaying ceased. The tram operator scolded the scout, our climb out continued & I was to flabbergasted to speak when this jerk reached the top. I was afraid I would kill him. He had already taunted another nut-allergic kid by throwing hickory nuts at him, kept us up past midnight when he went AWOL the first night at Janbo and pulled other stunts that put him on the verge of being invited to leave immediately.

Back to Pipestem – we laid several courses of concrete block on columns to support a scenic overlook at McKeever Lodge. The kids were good and it was a meaningful part of our svice to the community. I think this why I was so pissed off at this kid. West Va has gone out of its way to welcome the BSA to its state and thi s insolent, rude, paththeic, sselfish asshole is sl


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