Trip 9’s

Weigh-in this AM showed 199.9. I have been fluctuating around 200# for almost a fortnight now and would really like to get down to the low 90’s before getting on the Jambo bus in a few weeks. Will take great self-control to dodge all the tempting bullets coming along this week: District Recognition Picnic Friday night, Dinner at Noon Picnic Saturday morning, and the grand finale, the 35th Annual Midsummer Night Madness celebration Saturday evening, where I’m cooking up some hopefully authentic BBQ, grilled shrimp, maybe a roast cod and other victuals in honor of Thomas Morton, the Pagan Pilgrim – America’s First Rascal. All this food follows on last weekend’s Ole Poker Party, with its assorted dips, cheese-stuffed roasted jalapenos, chicken sopa and margaritas. So I was encouraged when I weighed in Monday, within the range and dropped below a deuce today.

Don’t stop now, Billy Boy.


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