Sixty-one days, Seven hours, Eleven minutes or so to go!

201.5 this morning following our Westchester-Putnam 7-troop contingent’s Shakedown Campout. Our guys, B151 will be at Hawk’s Nest Sub camp at Summit. Our weekend included some team-building exercises, a 5-mile hike, a skills round robin that included a duffel packing demo, hiking tips and two sessions on Patch Trading for Beginners so the guys won’t be totally shocked at Summit.

I did very well on the hike. I have recently been walking again (since Daylight Savings resumed) and have started an irregular morning exercise routine. I have also joined Weight Watchers and am eating with much greater care and consciousness than shown over the winter. Was a little difficult to figure the points on some of the weekend’s crackerbarrel offerings – and there wasn’t any fruit included in the get-away breakfast unless you count the Fruit Loops. I settled for a nostalgia-filled breakfast consisting of Sugar Corn Pops, right out of the box. Didn’t know they were still making the little guys. Didn’t read the box either….

I am finding it very hard to break the 200-lb barrier but am excited that it seems so close and attainable. So, keep on keepin’ on, Willy.


One thought on “Sixty-one days, Seven hours, Eleven minutes or so to go!

  1. May 20 – 201.3; stall may be attributable to an absolutely mouth-watering bacon cheese burger Saturday night at Morgan’s Publick House in Tappan NY. With fries, lettuce, tomato, and made-on-the-premises slaw. Decent pickle.Served on a toasted hard roll.

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