Wake-up Call

When I weighed in before heading up to camp yesterday, I was 200.2!!! It’s pretty exciting, this is the lightest I’ve been in maybe 20 years. So I’m hoping for the big downside breakthrough when I get home. Walking everywhere in camp, including this morning.

I was elected District Chairman this spring; the office includes a seat on the Council Board and among my interests in coming up to camp was to take part in our annual camp visitation. This included a tour of a newly developed rock climbing wall on the flank of Mt Stevens. We were told it was a 15-minute hike to the site. We weren’t told until we’d entered the woods that it was essentially straight up! Our party of 5 included two extremely fit Summit Base staffers. Experienced trekkers, one was the climbing area director and the other runs our camp COPE area. To say the least, they were steaming up this trail; I was second in line behind Mo (Maureen) as she was mountain-goat agile in chaca sandals. I eventually fell out of line to recover my heart rate and caught up with them at the base of the wall.

It is my understanding (and limited first-hand experience) that this morning’s terrain is very similar to Summit Bechtel. This being the case, I’d better keep these boots moving if I don’t want to embarrass myself next July.

I was fortunate to catch one of our scouts on the wall –


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