Two White-tails this morning

Rolled out at 6:30AM to do a “Twenty.” Discovered that now the bridge at the other end of Central Ave is closed for repair, blocking over-the-bridge access to Dublin and preventing me from running my regular loop. So, left on Theo Fremd and in the North Gate of the 51-acre Rye Nature Center.

Walking lightly on the trail, I came upon the white-tailed end of a deer, browsing what appeared to be firethorn (nobody said they’re the smartest animals). I stopped and watched, then moved slightly for both cover and a better view. The deer noticed me and I was surprised that rather than fleeing, the deer went down and settled on its belly (chewing its cud?). I moved off and continued along the trail, reviewing decayed Eagle projects.

I eventually climbed a grade and stepped on a dead & down twig, snapping it sharply and flushing another white-tail, that bounded off through the underbrush.

Two deer, 2266 ‘moderate’ clicks, 21 minutes. Not a bad morning.


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