It’s Complicated

Haven’t been doing very much walking. Haven’t been doing much of anything. Have been self-diagnosed as having Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Having been suffering various stages of discomfort since returning from a few days in February 2012 in the Presidentials (heated cabin, outhouse, skunky water source), I have now had a broad spectrum anti-biotic, a colonoscopy, and a clean bill of health except that I still have uncomfortable periods of urgency, alternate loose stool and constipation. Doctor says there’s nothing wrong and that symptoms should pass.

Have begun to closely watch intake – see Food tracker at right – keeping daily food diary. My weight has been creeping back (206.3 the other day) and I am not happy with my progress on the weight loss, the amount of exercise I am attaining, and especially with my health as IBS can be stress and/or depression related.

I walked this morning for the first time in over ten days. My schedule has changed in that I have a regular rider to work each day. Swapna Thuniki, from Hyderabad India is my ride-share buddy. I pick her up at Rye Station at 8AM and deliver her to Benjamin Moore in Montvale NJ, before proceeding to Orangeburg at around 9AM. I reverse course in the afternoon, from Montvale to Rye where, if traffic’s OK, she makes the 5:48PM to Stamford. Since my commute is longer, I now must get up much earlier if I want to walk in the morning; and arriving home later, I haven’t walked in the afternoon – shit.

JAMBO organizational meeting tomorrow night. I understand that our council has 250 PAID registrants! Looking like at least 6 troops – we will likely be needing more adult volunteers.


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