Monday Morning Weigh-in: 202.5 #s! That’s down 10 from my starting point back in April. It is however, a very long way from the 166 I weighed in 1985. I was up in Langham’s Air-cooled Garage yesterday putting equipment away as my Mother’s Day gift to Mombo. In the course of clearing the decks I found my 1985 daybook with entries covering topics from Anneliese’s seemingly perky and improving but ultimately dooming hydro-cephalic condition to poker results to the occasional reference to current weight.

I am pleased with my progress to date and trust that whenever the diagnosis regarding the ongoing gastro-intestinal difficulties arrives and treatment begins, I will feel like increasing the physical training and exercise component of my regimen. Doc thinks I might have giardia, which isn’t entirely out of the question, given the water and privy use at the Harvard Cabin back in February when this all started. As diarrhea is a known side-effect of the statins, I stopped taking my simvastatin inn March to see whether it would have any effect. No effect, but recent blood tests in conjunction with seeking a diagnosis, reported good numbers re the good/bad cholesterol battle. Am about to try red rice yeast as a cholesterol fighter.

BTW, 202.5 would chart out at 29.9, on the BMI Calculator, indicating my weight is in the Overweight category for adults of my height (5’9″). That’s progress, isn’t it?


One thought on “202.5

  1. Have now been taking 600MG of Red Rice Yeast daily – should get my numbers read and see whether they are comparable to the simvastatin results. I do FEEL much better without the Simvastatin.

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