This is Hard!

It’s hard to find 10,000 clicks in my typical day.  And I suppose the pedometer doesn’t lie. Unless I get up early and do a loop over the bridge around Dublin (euphemistically called West Rye), I don’t come close to hitting the target. My walks are part nostalgia trips. I encounter the early morning dog walkers and give wide berth as I recall my paperboy days and the occasional unleashed breakout dogs on Lennox Ave in White Plains.

I am working, too, at dietary improvement and have been good about avoiding ice cream and cutting down on the pre-dinner cocktails. I have lost a couple of inches around the waist and a half dozen pounds since commencing the effort in early April. So, I am encouraged. Tomorrow night, Council is getting close to determining how many troops we’ll send to Summit. We have over 130 boys signed up and leadership volunteers for 5 troops, so somebody’s gonna get benched if we don’;t muster 50 more kids very quickly.


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