Walkin’ to Mad Dog’s

Thursday was an especially productive day for the Program. RyeGuys seized a brake caliper last Saturday and went up to Mad Dog’s Auto Service in Pt Chester for treatment. The car was ready Thursday afternoon, but Edmonds needed the Versa to attend a meeting. So, I walked the 1.8 miles from Rye to PC to pick up the car! It was pretty great, I mean nobody ran me over in the busy Rye MetroNorth station plaza or hit me rounding Dead Man’s Curve on Peck or robbed me near Pathmark. I made the walk in 37 minutes and all the clicks went into my “Moderate Rate’ data. WooHoo!

What may have been the best part, however, was that I was so energized and sharpened by the exercise that I pretty well cleaned up in my poker game – winning near $100 in Regulation Play and then taking down the 7-way $20 Final Showdown for the best night I’ve had in awhile!


One thought on “Walkin’ to Mad Dog’s

  1. speaking of walking Special Olympics Howard County had its Inspiration Walk today. Newtman and hundreds of others walked 2.3 miles of hilly terrain around Centennial Lake. it was a gorgeous day for the athletes and volunteers. its SOHC’s only fundraiser each year.
    WALK ON!

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