First Steps

I started with my Wellness Coach two weeks ago. I weighed in at 212.5. I have purchased a tri-axis pedometer to track my walkin’ clicks. The target is 10,000 daily clicks! My typical day can be under a thousand – from front door to garage, 25 miles by auto to the library where I work, then a short walk to the the rear entrance and up the stairs to my office. That’s it. No regular sports, aerobics, swimming or much other physical exercise with the exception of the occasional hike or winter snowshoe with my local scout troop.

So, now I am looking for excuses to walk – and finding that to reach my goal, I will have to ACTIVELY head out the door. Which I’ve been doing and to keep myself engaged, I thought I might blog my progress and results here.

If this site can inspire others, so be it. You’re welcome. If it inspires me, I’ll see you at the Jamboree next summer!


One thought on “First Steps

  1. Great work, Bill. Keep it up. Rock on!

    Last May I learned that my BMI was in the overweight range. That did not work for me. So, I started using My Fitness Pal on my Andriod phone. In the next 4 months I lost 20 lbs. and am now 182 lbs. and in the healthy catagory.

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